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11 reasons to stop eating dairy

Milk and dairy products are not the health foods we've been told they are. Here are 11 reasons to stop consuming them:
1. Cow's milk is intended for baby cows. We're the only species (other than those we are domesticating) that drinks milk after infancy. And, we're definitely the only ones drinking the milk of a different species.
2. Hormones. Not only are the naturally present hormones in cow's milk stronger than human hormones, the animals are routinely given steroids and other hormones to plump them up and increase milk production. These hormones can negatively impact humans' delicate hormonal balance.
3. Most cows are fed inappropriate food. Commercial feed for cows contains all sorts of ingredients that include: genetically modified (GM) corn, GM soy, animal products, chicken manure, cottonseed, pesticides, and antibiotics.
4. Dairy products, when metabolized, are acid-forming. Our bodies are constantly striving for biochemical balance to keep our blood at 7.365 pH.  Eating excessive acid-forming products can cause our bodies to overuse some of its acid-balancing mechanisms, one of which is the bones. Alkaline calcium is stored in the bones and released to combat excessive acidity in the body.  Over time, bones can become fragile.
5. Research shows that the countries whose citizens consume the most dairy products have the HIGHEST incidence of osteoporosis.
6. Most dairy cows live in confined, inhumane conditions, never seeing the pastures of green grass they were intended to eat.
7. Most dairy products are pasteurized to kill potentially-harmful bacteria. During the pasteurization process, vitamins, proteins, and enzymes are destroyed. Enzymes assist with the digestion process.  When they are destroyed through pasteurization, milk becomes harder to digest, therefore putting a strain on our bodies' enzyme systems.
8. Dairy products are mucous-forming. They can contribute to respiratory disorders.  When I remove dairy and sugar from the diets of my clients, they stop experiencing hay fever and seasonal allergies.
9. Research links dairy products with arthritis. In one study on rabbits, scientist Richard Panush was able to PRODUCE inflamed joints in the animals by switching their water to milk. In another study, scientists observed more than a 50% reduction in the pain and swelling of arthritis when participants eliminated milk and dairy products from their diet.
10. Most milk is homogenized, which denatures the milk's proteins, making it harder to digest. Many peoples' bodies react to these proteins as though they are "foreign invaders" causing their immune systems to overreact. Research also links homogenized milk to heart disease.
11. Pesticides in cow feed find their way into milk and dairy products that we consume.

Michelle Schoffro Cook, RNCP, ROHP, DNM, is an international best-selling and seven-time book author and doctor of natural medicine, whose works include: The Life Force Diet, The Ultimate pH Solution, The 4-Week Ultimate Body Detox Plan, and the upcoming book, The Phytozyme Cure.

Should I Drink Milk to Prevent Osteoporosis?

Although I believe whey protein, which comes from dairy is a great source of protein, I do not believe dairy is healthy in general. We have all been brainwashed to think that dairy products strengthen bones and stave off osteoporosis. But this is not the case. Walter Willett, M.D., professor of preventive medicine at the Harvard School of Public Health and his colleagues analyzed dietary information gathered from nearly 80,000 women, ages 30 to 55, over a 12-year period. They found no evidence that women who consumed one to three servings daily of milk or other calcium-rich foods–like cheese or yogurt–reduced their risk of hip fractures, the standard measure for osteoporosis.

The findings became even more dramatic when the Harvard researchers examined women who consumed three or more servings of dairy a day and found that none had any added protection against bone fractures. The data shows that Vitamin D appears to be much more important than calcium in preventing fractures. And interestingly, countries with lowest rates of dairy and calcium consumption (like those in Africa and Asia) have the lowest rates of osteoporosis.

So, apart from being the source of whey protein, there do not appear to be any other benefits of dairy and to make matters worse, dairy seems to have detrimental effects to your health. Milk should be for calves (baby cows), most humans have a problem digesting it. I cannot tell you how many patients I have seen over the years whose chronic constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, chronic sinusitis and allergies cleared up when they stopped eating dairy. When people come to see me in my practice and I put them on a diet, I almost always remove dairy.
So what do I suggest?
  • Don’t rely on dairy for calcium. Rather eat lots dark green leafy vegetables, sea vegetables, canned salmon or sardines with bones, sesame seeds and nuts. And you can always take a calcium supplement.
  • For healthy bones, exercise frequently and supplement with at least 2,000 IUs of vitamin D as well. Get your vitamin D levels checked!!
Try this test and see how you feel. Remove dairy for 2-3 weeks and see how you feel. Then introduce it again and see how you feel. Most people feel better when they remove it and worse when they re-introduce it. If you don’t seem to have a problem with dairy, then I suggest using only small amounts of organic dairy products, preferably fermented products like unsweetened yogurt and kefir, and preferably raw if possible (hard to get in most states).

Frank Lipman MD is the creator of Eleven Eleven Wellness, Guided Health Solutions, a leading edge integrative health program. He is also the founder and director of the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in NYC, where he practices a combination of Western and Eastern Medicine and the many other complimentary modalities he has studied. He is the author of the recent REVIVE: Stop Feeling Spent and Start Living Again (2009) (previously called SPENT) and TOTAL RENEWAL: 7 Key Steps to Resilience, Vitality and Long-Term Health (2003). and Follow Dr. Frank Lipman on Twitter: www.twitter.com/lipmo



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