Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Snatch thieves now targeting photographers

Sign of the times: Women’s handbags are no
longer the only targets of snatch thieves as
photographers have also become targets now.
Smash and grab: In some cases, thieves have smashed windows to
get at cameras left in the car. — filepix

IN THE eyes of crooks, a photographer’s sophisticated camera gear is as attractive as a woman’s handbag.
Stories about photographers falling victim to snatch thefts are not unheard of and tales of gadgets stolen from their cars are even more common.

Two weeks ago, Samuel Ong, a photographer with The Star, was attacked in Jalan Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur while returning to his car after an assignment on a Saturday night. Although it was fortunate that his camera was not taken away, he received four stitches to the head and sufferred from dizzy spells later.
With the gadgets easily costing thousands of ringgit, photographers (from the press and the public in general) have every reason to fear for their lives when they walk the streets. They also have to be on high alert when they are on duty as the robbers and thieves can strike anytime and anywhere.

A few photographers shared their unpleasant experiences with StarMetro. Baca lagi....

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